Male Spirituality 18th March


The Cafe of Dangerous Ideas hosts a talk on the male spiritual journey from Richard Fay of the Centre for Men and Families in Queensland.

Topic: ‘Reclaiming the hero from popular culture’

The hero has become a figure of violence, anger and hyper masculinity. He’s impervious to fear. He never turns around when something explodes. He has no compassion and considers no consequences. But the myth of hero resides within every man. How can we reclaim the truth of the hero myth for our own lives, and what is the journey he is inviting us into?

RSVP and more information:
David Landis-Morse
Mobile: 0409 180 176

Cost: Free, donation to cover cost of tea/coffee and supper encouraged

7pm for cuppa and supper, 7.30pm start.

Richard Fay comes from a corporate and ministry background and is now the CEO of Centre for Men and Families (CFM). Richard and CFM provide counselling and group work for men. CFM offers the Men’s Rights of Passage, a unique five day experience for men seeking a deeper connection with life. Richard’s passion is to be alongside other broken men on the path to transformation. The Men’s Rite of Passage was developed by Franciscan priest Richard Rohr and is now a worldwide community that is returning ancient rites of initiation to men.

Find out more:

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