Depression and Spirituality 24th June




Depression and Spirituality have often been uneasy companions. Religion has often suggested that the sufferer may just variously just have to get over it; ignore it; let god look after it or hope that it will go away. And yet others have spoken of the worth of the “dark night of the soul”…

Join us at the Cafe of Dangerous Ideas as we hear from Matt Glover, who works with MGA Counselling Services. Matt will be helping us look at some of the ideas behind the intersection of spirituality and depression.

You’re welcome from 7.15 onwards to join us the Sycamore Tree Cafe – 185 Burgundy Street Heidelberg. (Enquiries – 0409 180176)

Matt Glover
MattMatt is an accredited counsellor with the Australian Counselling Association and holds a Masters degree in counselling from Monash University.

Since 1998 Matt has been involved in a variety of counselling and pastoral care roles ranging from home based health care to emergency relief and crisis support. Currently he is the director of MGA Counselling services and provides individual, couple, family and group counselling at the Croydon Hills and East Doncaster centres. Matt provides professional and personal development courses on a range of topics and speaks regularly at conferences and in the media on sexuality and mental health.


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