Aboriginal Australian and Jewish Spirituality – Sunday 25th September



Join us at a slightly different time -Sunday the 25th September at 2.30 pm – to hear about Judaism and Aboriginal Spirituality.

Judaism can be seen as insular, but the concept of “Tikun Olam” – literally translated from the Hebrew as “Correcting the World” or “Improving the Planet” – is perhaps the original Biblical tenet for the “Abrahamic” faiths’ involvement with Social Justice and Peace-building causes. Here in Australia perhaps the most urgent such involvement should be a true meaningful reconciliation with our First Nations, whose deep spiritual roots surprisingly share much in common with Jewish worldviews, custom and practice. And this shared history was evident way before most Jews realised (only in about 2002) what an Yorta Yorta Aboriginal Elder, Uncle William Cooper (1860-1941), had remarkably done – to attempt to prevent the Nazi Holocaust… way back in 1938.

Perhaps another lesson here is to get to know the other – because from knowledge comes understanding, appreciation and potentially respect and friendship. This connecting is surely the best antidote to xenophobia, homophobia and definitely the media-driven Islamophobia of those we could otherwise mistrust, or even quite needlessly fear. Some say the Torah teaches its entirety in the verse “Love your Neighbour as Yourself” and then adds “… all the rest is Commentary, Go and Learn…

Abraham “Abe” Schwarz, studied Youth Work in Australia and Rabbinical Studies in Jerusalem, and enjoys being a catalyst for us all engaging in Interfaith/Intercultural dialogue – but especially young people at a grassroots level… optimistically believing this is likely to be the only way World Peace can be achieved any time soon. This father-of-3 passionately tries to do his bit of Tikun Olam, be it tour-guiding Jerusalem with William Cooper’s family, advocating Aboriginal Health and Wellbeing – and extensively collaborating in Interfaith & Multicultural circles. Abe’s weekly Social Justice radio show can be heard live-to-air most Sunday nights 9-10pm on www.j-air.com.au – podcasts of which are available on the website of his consultancy, Catalyst Enterprises:  Catalyst Melbourne



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