Ageing and Sexuality Friday 23rd March 7.30

Does ageing mean the end of sex? Does sex change? Do we think differently about sex as we get older? Join us for an informative and interesting evening on the topic of sex and ageing with Professor Yvonne Wells and Dr Michael Bauer from La Trobe University, as they discuss the topic with good grace and humour!

Ageing and Sexuality.jpg

Professor Yvonne Wells is Head of the Lincoln Centre for Research on Ageing at La Trobe University. Her research has a focus on healthy ageing and is carried out in retirement villages, community aged care services, and residential care. Her long-term research interests include family caregiving, healthy ageing, and later life transitions.

Dr Michael Bauer is a senior research fellow at the Australian Centre for Evidence Based Aged Care at La Trobe University where his research aims to enhance the lives of older people in care settings through improved service delivery. He has published over 30 articles and book chapters on sexuality and aged care and developed a range of practical resources to assist aged care facilities to become more sexuality ‘friendly’, including the Sex-AT – a sexuality assessment tool for residential aged care facilities and a Guide to Sexuality for residents’ families.


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